Football Game (well known as Polali Chendu) during the Annual Festival:

This festival of football commences when there are seven days to the avabritha. This football festival continues for five days. This game during the temple festival is very popular.

Members of a particular cobbler family at Mijar prepare this leather ball. The members of the oil miller family of 'Kadapu Karia' bring the leather ball from Mijar. On their way back they come to the house of Malali Ballal. They first place the ball in the cow dung washed front yard of the house and inform them the date of the football festival.

In the evening members of the Gutthu families occupy their seats on both sides of the front gopuram. The members of the oil miller family then place the ball and a palm leaf umbrella in the gopuram. Then the person authorized to throw the ball arrives there wearing his headgear. He then offers prayers to the deity in the presence of the members of the Gutthu.